even made corporate events

Did someone say party?
We're THERE.

Yes! Even Made will bring our drills to your event. 

We do corporate events and grown-up birthday parties. There are two workshops we have ready to go, one messy, one a little less messy. You can also ask for a custom workshop and we’ll work with you on the details. 

Pre-fabricated Event Workshops:

I Love Lamp

Learn how to make a lamp out of almost anything. We’ll plan, assemble, and wire a lamp out of basic materials. We will bring an assortment of lamp-able things with us, but if there’s something special you want to make into a lamp, bring it! 

TIME: 2.5 hours
FEE: $75 per person, materials included
PARTICIPANTS: Up to 10, min 5 people

Build a Bench

Did you skip shop class? Now’s your chance to relive those dreams. We’ll bring the wood, you bring your brain. Together, we’ll each build a garden bench with power tools, (you’ll be able to fit it in your car), sand it, and you’ll stain or paint it at home. 

TIME: 3.5 hours
FEE: $95 per person, materials included
PARTICIPANTS: Up to 10, min 5 people

Want a custom workshop? No problem!

We bring your team a group version of any of our classes (maybe not drywall – we have actual walls for that one in our workshop). Or bring your group to our workshop and we’ll do any of them! Looking for something specific? Let us know.


  • Everyone signs a liability waiver and sends us proof of business insurance. 
  • Must be within 20 miles of Skokie, IL if we’re traveling to you. 
  • Everyone must be over age 18. 
  • Everyone needs to read our class policies.


  • Cancel any time up to a week before for a full refund. After that, no refunds. 


Send us your event details and we’ll get it on the calendar.


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