Saws are one of my FAVORITE tools…
Close up of an orange and black circular saw with blade guard on a shelf in a hardware sword.


My saw wish list is long. I seriously love them.

When you think of saws, what do you think of? This?

even made contact
Just kidding. This isn’t a saw. You knew that, right?
This is probably the saw you’re more familiar with. You knew this one was a saw I’m sure.

Basic bitch:

This is a basic handsaw (above). It’s used for sawing wood, primarily, and, like its name, it’s really basic. You can easily saw straight lines, and through chunks of wood to cut it into smaller pieces. I haven’t found too many creative or additional uses for a saw like this. I use it primarily for sawing quickly through a 2×4 or a tree limb. It uses a lot of elbow grease, and will get the job done. I have at least three in my garage, because I always forget I have them and buy a new one when I go to the store.

More utilitarian:

I wasn’t able to take a pic of this one at the store, but a better saw if I’m going to do something by hand is a hacksaw. They have replaceable blades and you can use them to saw through a LOT more materials with them. Typically, they are used to saw through metal, but you can also use them to saw through PVC pipes, etc. They’re really useful. In a pinch, I’ve used them to saw through wood, though it can take a long time because the blade isn’t designed for that.


I love a power saw. They get the job done quickly, and there are SO MANY varieties. With a power saw, you can do anything from chopping off a deck, to creating delicate scrollwork for furniture. Below is a picture of my favorite saw (yes, I have a favorite saw). It’s a jigsaw, and I’m yearning to get one. I do a lot of crafty stuff, and this is a great saw to do detail work like signs for a wall, or decorative wood pieces.

This is a jigsaw. It’s on my wish list.

There are so many saws to know about and choose from when you’re trying to plan your project. You need to come to our class this fall to find out more about the reasons you would use different saws. We’re also talking about drills and sanders, because there are many varieties of those, too, and we want to help you untangle your options. Sign up today, and we can talk tools together!!


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