We’re looking for instructors.


The best way to learn is to teach, right? You into it? We’d love to meet you.

Interested? Skip the rest of this page and get in touch here:

What are you getting into? Our classes:

  • Every class is 1-3 hours long.
  • Some are virtual, some are in-person, all are interactive.
  • We supply all of the materials.
  • All of our classes have a standard, prepared curriculum.
  • We pay based on class time and complexity and we aren’t terrible.

What about you?


  • Show us that you know what you’re talking about. We don’t need to see a degree, just that you know your stuff. 
  • An open mind and some grace for our new company that is figuring things out. 
  • Willingness to promote the class or classes to your own network.
  • Good presentation, listening, and instruction skills.


  • Paid per class as a 1099 contractor
  • Marketing exposure for your own business in our communications
  • Listing in our pro directory
  • Teaching experience
  • New friends and customers
  • Per class varies on complexity and length, starting at $50/class


Let us know! We’re excited to meet you.
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