Meet our Home Improvement Instructors

Emily Lonigro


My superpower is building—people and things. I’ve always been resourceful and scrappy, able to make something out of nothing. I’m curious about how things work and if there’s a better way to do something, I want to figure it out. I thoroughly enjoy teaching and learning, and I get really fired up about tile. My dad, Google, and many mistakes taught me home improvement and I’ve built bathrooms, kitchens, and a whole one-bedroom apartment. Even Made is what I needed when I was learning to do all of this! I always had so many more questions. I’m an entrepreneur, elected official, board member of the Chicago Foundation for Women, and aspiring gardener. I live in Skokie with my wife, three kids, and four cats.

Kelly Nichols Headshot


I’ve always been a good problem solver, and as a Gen X kid, I’ve always had to be capable. As I got older, I added practical skills to my repertoire from my Master Electrician dad, theatre degree (they even made the actor’s build sets!), time as a renter in NYC and Hoboken, and as a homeowner and later handywoman in Illinois. When I started 2 Ladies and a Ladder in 2019 with my friend Racheal, I knew that the combination of my solid desire to help people solve problems and teach them how to fix them in the future was my true love. When I met Emily and began Even Made, every part of what I love lined up, and out of it came this business — the coolest place to learn, connect, and grow with other people. In addition to Even Made, my time is full with my tween twins, husband, two dogs, advocacy and policy career, community organizing, and volunteering. In my rare downtime, I love to make miniatures, bake, bike, and garden.

Molly Marshall headshot


I work in advertising during the week but I put away the keyboard and pick up power tools on the weekends. I have renovated apartment buildings and homes down to the studs. My favorite home projects include adding color and personality to a space, like tiling and trim. My favorite tool is a level because all homes have quirks and wobbles.

Teresa Gegare headshot


Frugal interior design began as a personal necessity when I lived in New York City in my 20s. Now, interior design has become my passion—not only the design itself, but also the execution. I’ve become a master of repurposing. I source pieces from alleys, charity thrift stores, FB Marketplace, friends, and family. A little elbow grease can make a tired-looking piece into the shining star in your home. My day job for the past 17 years has been estimating and project managing in the commercial flooring industry. This has instilled in me the necessity of proper planning, budgeting and workflow required for a successful project. Whether you need help with one step or the whole design process, I’m here to support you. Two years ago, I started my side hustle, Handy Girl Design. I am super excited for the next step in my design journey, joining the inspiring women of Even Made to bring DIY joy to everyone who needs our help!



Want to join us? The best way to learn is to teach, right? You into it? We’d love to meet you.

What are you getting into?

  • Every class is 1.5-3 hours long, plus 30 mins before and after.
  • Some are virtual, some are in-person, all are interactive.
  • We supply all of the materials and we’ll train you on everything you need to know.
  • All of our classes have a standard, prepared curriculum.
  • We pay $35 per hour and we’re pretty great people.
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