Four easy ways to personalize your space
personalize your space with wallpaper


Whether you rent or own, there are so many ways to create a space that really suits you.

personalize your space with wallpaper

Dress up your furniture

There are plenty of ways to change the furniture without buying a whole new piece. From reupholstery to even painting with fabric paint or adding custom pillows, you can make it anything you want! One of the easiest ways to create a different look is by making your own custom pillow. This one is really easy, there are even ways to make a no-sew pillow cover. It’s as easy as picking out your favorite fabric and any accouterments you want to add: tassels to the corners, you can glue ribbons for an accent, or even sew on a big chunky button. 


If you live in a rental space, you’ll want to choose a wallpaper that is peel and stick. When you’re trying to find something that works, just make sure it says it’s removable. If you own your space, you can use adhesive wallpaper or traditional wallpaper that you’d glue on. Wallpaper isn’t just for walls! You can decorate the backs of bookshelves, tabletops, decorative trays…nearly anything. The trick to peel and stick wallpaper is a clean surface to start, lining up your patterns, and buying enough for the job you need. I LOVE Spoonflower for great wallpaper. Also, if you want to learn more about the best way to apply it, come to our virtual class this fall!


I love to rotate my art around depending upon my mood, season, etc. I have a box, kind of like this one, I display seasonal decor in with art pieces and bric a brac I love. I also have pictures I move around tabletops, and sometimes even my walls. I’ve gotten to love the look of fabric art on the walls in the colder months. To me it makes the room feel cozy. You can make the art yourself, or there are LOT of options depending upon how DIY you want to do it. 

Even Made DIY Decor class


I saved my favorite for last. Paint is an amazing way to customize anything of course, and you can always paint a room or a wall, etc. but I love to also use paint in a less traditional way. I’ve been loving painting shapes on walls as (sort of) permanent art. Stencils are also cool in that way. I ache to do the area above my stairs in deep navy with a gold stencil overlay. I’ve seen some really cool pieces where you hang a frame straight on a wall with paint behind it instead of a picture. Your options are nearly limitless. If you want to learn more about customizing a space, or special ways to use paint, please reach out to us, we are able to guide you through projects to help you prep, purchase, and execute your dream. 

Until then, come find inspiration at our fall classes. Virtual or in person. Check us out!


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