Class Cancellations and Policies

Class Minimum

We’re all busy. We have a 4-person class minimum. If we don’t get there, we’ll offer you a refund or a place in a future class.


A paid ticket is required for each warm body that come to class. Our classes are for adults, so according to the government, that means anyone 18 or older. Our classes are not for kids, nor do we provide childcare. So if your kids can entertain themselves in the other room, they can stay in there, but our classes are for adults only.

Safe Place

Our goal at Even Made is to create a safe, open space for everyone to learn. We are teaching new skills for people at all kinds of experience levels. If you have prior experience or knowledge, please be patient with your classmates and make space for them to learn. We will have time for questions, so please follow along with the instructor and let them set the pace of the class.


Even Made strives to be a safe, brave space for everyone. We will not tolerate any transphobic, homophobic, racist, or sexist speech or behavior from anyone. 


Please get to the class at least 10 minutes before it starts, so we don’t have to recap for latecomers. Classes begin right on time, and it will take a minute to get settled in.

Cancellation & Exchanges

Cancellations will be taken up to 24 hours before the start of a class or set of classes. Please email us at hello@evenmadetrade.com to request a cancellation. We can also provide exchanges for any class with the same cost. Just get in touch, and we’ll figure it out.


Refunds will be given up to 24 hours before a class or set of classes, less the processing or event platform fees. Refunds will be sent back via the original form of payment; processing times will depend on the platform used to receive the payment. 


Please use common sense when in class. Don’t use a tool or supply that you don’t know how to use. You will be given a safety lesson on anything you will use in class, and we will provide safety glasses and other equipment. Everyone will need to sign a liability waiver upon registration. 


We’ll ask everyone to sign a photo and video release form upon registration, which is entirely optional. We won’t use your image to sell anything besides advertising for classes. You won’t end up on a shirt!

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