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Meet Kelly Nichols and Emily Lonigro

Even Made: Our Story

When Kelly and Emily met years ago while doing advocacy work, they had no idea they’d start a business teaching people how to tile bathrooms. 


In any case, one day, while dreaming online about a mom-centric commune during the height of the pandemic, Kelly and Emily realized they both loved home DIY projects and wanted to teach more people how to do them. 


Even Made is the space they wanted when they were knee-deep in sawdust and crying over grout lines. So they launched Even Made, helping people who’ve never learned home improvement skills or were wholly left out. 


They want you to feel confident in the space you call home and understand that you have the knowledge, tools, and money to make it exactly how you want it. 

Kelly makes people laugh. She makes them feel important, like their stories and their lives matter, and like they are powerful and brilliant. She wants them to know there’s a reason they’re here. 


Emily makes everyone feel intelligent and connected. She listens to your ideas and helps you develop them into the best versions of themselves. She’s excited to be a part of the growth, change, and development of the humans she’s around. 

They want to laugh with you when we all figure out how stupid it is that we didn’t know how to caulk before today or thought tiling was hard. We want to high-five you when you wire an outlet and change out a faucet.

We’re growing and changing as we meet new people, adding classes and instructors as needs and wants shift. 

Even Made is here for everyone. EVERYONE. No judgments.

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